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medAL-hub Documentation

The purpose of medAL-hub is 3-fold:

  1. Relay between the tablets, thus allowing to start a consultation on a tablet and finish it on another one (client-server).
  2. Local database for the clinical data.
  3. Hub for the data synchronisation with the National server (medAL-data).

medAL-hub Setup and Management

medAL-hub User Guide and Troubleshooting

medAL-hub Data Sync Schedule

There are 2 scripts on the hub for syncing:

  1. script #1 runs everyday at 4PM and sends all the cases closed but unsynced to the server
  2. script #2 runs every minute and sends all the cases closed for more than 25 hours that have not yet been sent to the server
  • huge caveat :!:: the raspberry pi does not have a physical clock. Meaning, everytime it loses power, it does not know what time it is until it gets the time from the internet
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