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medAL-suite Documentation

Welcome to the medAL-suite documentation wiki!


Incident Management


  • medAL-suite: medical ALgorithm digital suite supporting the ePOCT+ clinical algorithm used in the Dynamic and TIMCI studies. the medAL-suite is composed of:
  • medAL-creator: An online web application allowing physicians to create medical algorithms in a drag&drop interface, with no programming skills whatsoever. The code is generated automatically by the system. The medAL-creator website is
  • medAL-reader: An Android-based mobile app used in the field by healthcare workers during the consultation. medAL-reader combines the clinical algorithm provided by medAL-creator and the patient's data to propose diagnoses and treatments. The application can be found here:
  • medAL-hub: Acts as a relay between the tablets, local database for the clinical data, and synchronize data with the National server (medAL-data).
  • medAL-data: A national server that stores local data for the clinical follow-up and feeds dashboards with completely anonymized data.

Additional Resources

Presentation of the medAL-suite
Presentation of medAL-creator
Presentation of medAL-reader
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